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Tractor-Trailer Crash Attorney VA

There are roughly 15 million large trucks and tractor trailers registered in the United States. These large commercial vehicles are involved in thousands of accidents every year. In accidents involving tractor-trailers and other road users, the other road users often suffer severe injuries – even death. If you or a loved one was involved in any way in an accident with a tractor-trailer, we are here to help. Call the experienced Virginia tractor-trailer accident lawyer with Attorney Drew Page for assistance with your case. We will help you file a claim, quantify your losses, and protect your interests after an accident. Don’t let insurance companies, trucking operators, or anyone else deprive you of your right to compensation after an accident.

Our Virginia Tractor-Trailer Accident Lawyer Has Years of Experience Handling Personal Injury Cases

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, over 5,000 people were killed in traffic accidents involving large trucks and tractor trailers in the United States in 2019. The vast majority (almost 85%) of all fatalities were other road users such as the passengers of other vehicles, pedestrians, and bicyclists. These accidents do not include the thousands of non-fatal tractor-trailer accidents that occur every year, all of which cause tens of millions of dollars worth of property damage, business productivity losses, pain, suffering, medical treatment expenses, litigation costs, and insurance and administrative overheads.

It is important to speak with our Virginia tractor-trailer accident lawyer after an accident because you may suffer serious and/or long-term bodily injuries during an accident. These injuries can cost tens of thousands of dollars to treat, and they may permanently prevent you from working, earning a livelihood, or even enjoying the things you used to do, such as getting around independently or living a pain-free life.

Some of the injuries commonly seen in tractor-trailer accidents that we can help you recover compensation for include:

  • Spinal Cord Injuries (SCIs)
  • Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBIs)
  • Broken or fractured bones
  • Cuts, lacerations, bruises, and contusions
  • Scarring or disfigurement
  • Amputations or the loss of bodily functions
  • Paralysis/physical incapacitation
  • Wrongful death

In addition to the medical treatment expenses for these injuries, you may also suffer other losses, such as damage to your vehicle, lost income, lower earning ability, therapy and rehab fees, PTSD, mental trauma, and funeral, burial, or cremation expenses.

You have the right to seek compensation for these losses, so contact our Virginia tractor-trailer accident lawyer today so that we can review your case, initiate an investigation, gather evidence, and file a claim on your behalf.

Attorney Drew Page’s Virginia Tractor-Trailer Accident Lawyer Will Determine Fault for Your Accident

Due to their size and weight and the extent of damage that they can cause in an accident, tractor-trailers and commercial vehicles are heavily regulated. The compliance and safe operation rules that apply to these vehicles are more rigorous than they are for passenger vehicles, and they are also almost always very heavily insured.

Unfortunately, it can be difficult to extract compensation from these well-insured, professionally represented, and profit-oriented commercial entities without the assistance of an experienced attorney.

This is where we come in. Attorney Drew Page and our Virginia tractor-trailer accident lawyer will investigate your case to determine how and why the accident you were involved in occurred. Everything starts with a look into who was at fault for the accident. In most cases, the at-fault party in a tractor-trailer accident is one or more of the following:

  • A maintenance team that did not properly maintain, check, or inspect a vehicle after which a malfunction, failure, or breakage occurred, resulting in an accident;
  • A driver who drove while drowsy, intoxicated, or impaired in any other way or drove without the requisite training, experience, or supervision required for safely operating a commercial tractor-trailer;
  • A truck company guilty of putting others at risk by, for example, skipping important background checks on their drivers, forcing drivers to overwork and potentially speed or drive while drowsy to meet tight deadlines, or not properly maintaining its fleet to lower its maintenance overheads;
  • A loading team that did not properly secure a load to the bed of the truck;
  • A local town or municipality that did not maintain its roads or did not post clear signage, leading to an accident.

For each of these scenarios, a different party may be to blame for your tractor-trailer accident. Determining liability, quantifying your losses, gathering evidence, and negotiating with the relevant insurers is where we can help. Whether your accident was caused by another driver, the owner of a fleet of trucks, the operator of a trucking company, a service/maintenance team, a vehicle or manufacturer, or a town or municipality, you can file an insurance claim for compensation for your losses. We will guide you through the process and will represent you and fight for your rights every step of the way.

Contact Attorney Drew Page’s Virginia Tractor-Trailer Accident Lawyer Today

The Virginia tractor-trailer accident lawyer with Attorney Drew Page has the legal knowledge and hands-on experience needed to handle insurance companies, trucking operators, compensation negotiations, and courtroom representation for you and your loved ones. Contact us today for a no-obligation case evaluation and to get your insurance claim underway.

Frequently Asked Questions About Virginia Tractor-Trailer Accidents

Why do I need an attorney for my case?

Handling all of the legal and administrative aspects of your personal injury and accident case can be difficult, especially if you are injured or unfamiliar with the laws that apply to these cases. Furthermore, gathering the evidence needed to support your claim, identifying the at-fault party, quantifying your losses, and meeting filing deadlines takes a considerable amount of time and requires a deep understanding of how personal injury cases are handled by the state. An attorney is your best bet for maximizing your chances of winning a fair settlement for your losses.

By when must I file my claim?

As per Virginia Code § 8.01-243(A), you have two years after an accident occurs to file a claim. If you miss your filing window, you can forfeit your right to compensation from the at-fault party responsible for your accident.

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